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The word chakra is a Sanskrit term meaning “wheel”, for chakras are seen as spinning wheels of light by those with the ability to see subtle energy. There are seven main chakras that are located centrally in the front and the posterior of the body. This work is a representation of the fifth chakra, vishuddhi, located at the throat, and is associated with the process of communication, speech, and hearing.

Phone: 347.285.4201


Peace, health, and happiness to you and all the company that you keep.

Om shanti.

Om bolo sat guru. Om tat sat.
To the teacher within. To the supreme absolute truth.

Om padma cintamani jvala hum.
To the lotus, a wish-fulfilling jewel, flame, to the spirit of enlightenment, to the oneness of life.



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  1. Roberta Karp / Sep 9 2017 5:03 PM

    Gus looks adorable! I hope to see you before the end of September.

    • martinezyoga / Sep 11 2017 12:56 PM

      Would love to see you too! I’ll reach out by then and see what’s up with you.

  2. Roberta Karp / Sep 22 2017 9:31 AM

    Where will you be teaching classes? Please let me know. I miss you! Would love to see the baby xoxo

    • martinezyoga / Oct 16 2017 7:35 PM

      Roberta! Hi! How are you?! Miss you too! I’m now teaching at Loom Yoga Williamsburg. Monday Breath-Centered Vinyasa 4pm-5:15pm and Tuesday All Flow. All Flow is a Loom offering that can be described as a moderately paced vinyasa that supports students to choose a practice that meets their individual need, experiencing vinyasa that is appropriate for the individual, where you will have the freedom to move within your own journey, within your own yoga. Loom is at 783 Driggs at South 4th st. Here’s their website. Check it out: I also teach Thurs 2pm-3:15 Breath-Centered Vinyasa. That’s a private group and is not on the Loom schedule. I secure the space, people come, I teach. Gus is growing so fast! He’s 19 months now. Time flies. Let’s figure out a time so we can get together so you can see Gus. Hope to see you soon, and drop me a line about anything. Peace. Xo

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