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February 15, 2021 / martinezyoga

The Greatest Work

“One should contemplate oneself as the world. For him who contemplates himself as the world, his work is not exhausted, because out of himself he creates whatever he desires.” –Brihad-Aranyaka-Upanishad

This Upanishad is recently dated by some scholars back to 1800 BCE. The meaning of this mystical statement is that because we are the creators of the universe we inhabit, our work is endless. Because of the parallelism between microcosm (human being) and macrocosm (universe), we may look upon ourselves as the world at large and contemplate this great mystery.

Speaking of work, I’ve been in the classroom as a 3rd-grade teaching assistant and school yoga and mindfulness teacher at an independent Quaker school in San Francisco. It’s been a challenge to work in this environment during a pandemic. There is so much to consider throughout the day to keep everyone safe. I know it won’t be like this forever. I know the renaissance is coming. I can feel it. I can feel us as a community start to emerge for our chrysalises. Our wings are ready for flight, but we got to take our time to learn how to fly first before we take off.

I teach a simple, easy, traditional Breath-Centered Yoga practice via Zoom every Saturday 9-10:15am PST (adjust to your time zone). If you’re ready to engage in the process of self-study and do the work to unite the individual self with the supreme Self, email me at for the link. You deserve freedom, liberation, and clarity in your life. It’s a birthright.

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