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January 12, 2019 / martinezyoga

Happy New Year. 2019, I’m Ready For You. Are You?

The Goma fire ritual in Japanese esoteric Shingon Buddhism is an example of Brahmanistic ritual taken into esoteric Buddhism. Later Buddhist sutras describe three types of fire ritual (for adverting misfortune, increasing good fortune, and subduing baneful influences), illustrating how it became established as an important esoteric Buddhist practice. Although the fire ritual’s Brahmanistic format remained more or less intact, the practice was given Buddhist symbolic significance. The Goma ritual’s central purpose is explained in the “The Commentary on the Dainichi-kyo”, a fundamental sutra of Shingon, “The meaning of Goma is to burn the firewood of delusion with the wisdom flame, consuming it completely.”

New Year, new teaching schedule as of this month: 

PS 3 The Charrette School Manhattan

  • 3pm to 4pm (Children’s Yoga)

Gilda’s Club NYC Manhattan

  • 11am-12:30pm (Gentle Yoga – 1st Tuesday of every month)

Second Story Pilates + Yoga Jackson Heights

  • 4pm-5:15pm (Foundations: Vinyasa)

Cobra Club Bushwick

  • 10am-11am (Toddler and Me)

Vivaya Live Online

  • 10am-11am (Breath-Centered Yoga)

Second Story Pilates + Yoga Jackson Heights

  • 10am-11:15am (Breath-Centered Yoga)

More classes are in the pipeline. I’ll keep you posted.

As we practice, I’ll light a candle and burn some incense. Not so much flames like these, but the idea is similar. Clean, cleanse, purify, and let go. Your breath will guide you. If you’re following every breath in and every breath out, your breath, you’ll be ok and could possibly learn something about yourself, if that’s what you want. Put 2018 in your incense burner, spark it up, and let it go. 

Hope to see you soon.

All the best,

Om shanti.

Om bolo sat guru. Om tat sat.
To the teacher within. To the supreme absolute truth.

Om padma cintamani jvala hum.
To the lotus, a wish-fulfilling jewel, flame, to the spirit of enlightenment, to the oneness of life.




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