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September 16, 2015 / martinezyoga

Previously On Martinez Yoga…


Slow. Fast. Your choice. That’s what’s great about yoga.

I experienced recently that conversation within my own home practice. I gave myself the choice. What choice you ask? To breathe and move slow, or to breathe and move fast. That is the question. Oh, yeah, to me, yoga is in the questioning and noticing, not in the pose, product, or goal. I digress. Point is that sometimes breathing and moving slow can open doors and windows of this conversation, sometimes not. Sometimes breathing and moving fast can open doors and windows of this conversation, sometimes not. Ok, now you might be asking, what’s the conversation? It’s any kind of conversation that could lead one to clarity, lead one to being fully in the moment as a friend, yoga. Oh, yeah, also, you can’t force it. If you do, that’s when things can lock up, grip, or brace, and that’s when things can stop moving. We’re alive and breathing, and things will move. Why inhibit that? Yoga is about freedom and liberation, and within that freedom and liberation, you have a choice. But I do have to say, that if one cultivates a practice of breathing and moving slower, you got a few things going on. You’re paying attention as you practice (hopefully), you’re paying attention to what you’re doing, and you’re allowing your breath to be your teacher, so if one day you choose to breathe and move faster, you’re not going to deplete yourself of energy, and you’re not going to hurt yourself because you took the time to breathe and move slower.

Last week as I was practicing at home, I noticed that I was breathing and moving faster than normal. I was booking. It was a little bit shocking, and a bit of a surprise. I also noticed that I wasn’t forcing any of it. It just kinda happened, and I went with it. It felt really supportive. I gave myself that space. I wish everyone would give themselves that space. And when my practice was done, I felt a bit more balanced, and bit more even, and that’s a good thing. I’m not going for perfection when I practice or anything for that matter. I’m into the noticing. That day I noticed I breathed and moved a bit faster than normal, but I didn’t deplete myself of energy (and trust, living in NYC can deplete you). Yoga. Who could ask for anything more?

If you’re interested in that space and conversation, come to one of my classes in Brooklyn at Abhyasa Yoga Center. Would love to breathe and move with you. This is America! You have a choice!



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