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June 2, 2015 / martinezyoga

Previously On Martinez Yoga…


Sometimes doing simplest things can bring great benefits. I’m talking about yoga and the lens from which I’m looking through. That’s the lens I’m sharing when I’m teaching. For me, in regards to practicing, and in turn teaching, my goal is no goal. I don’t have a goal. Well, if there is no goal, what is then? It’s learning something about yourself with the process and feedback along the way. Yoga. To do that, I just want to give people the space to explore and breathe.

I had a special place last week for a group of middle school and high school students. These awesome youngins’ came to Abhyasa Yoga Center in Brooklyn where I teach for a private class. They had various special needs, and this was their first yoga class ever. Not a problem, and really not different from anyone else. I showed them around the center, helped them get situated with mats, bolsters, blankets, blocks, etc…and off we went into the yoga blue yonder. The class, as well as all my other classes, wasn’t about performing asana. It was about being together, listening to each other, and helping each other out. Yeah, we did some cat-cow, some warrior I, some warrior II, some tree, talked about pranayama, but it was beyond all that. It was a space of support and observation, and at the end of class, a space of rest and relaxation, which they loved. It was awesome and uplifting. It was one of the most pleasurable classes I’ve ever taught. As they we’re leaving, and saying good bye, and walking out the door, everybody, including myself, was full of laughter and joy. I had an amazing time, and had extra spring in my step for the rest of they day, as I hope they did too.

You know, I go through stuff too, and this time that I spent with these wonderful newly minted yogis got me through a passing period in my life, where, you know, things can get hard, even for yoga teachers. Hey, we’re people too. They helped me, and I hoped I helped them. To me, that’s what yoga is about; help when someone needs it, being in a space of exploring to where you are alert and relaxed, strong and soft, to where you have zeal and patience, and to where you can breathe. Freedom. Choices. Yoga.

Many thanks to my new friends for an opportunity to learn about myself while teaching this wonderful process of yoga.



Photo by Anna Rose

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