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August 14, 2013 / martinezyoga

The Yoga of Aroma Workshop

12 campanulePut it on your September calendar: Yoga of Aroma workshop with Salvador at Abhyasa Yoga Center Brooklyn September 21st 6-9pm. Get a solid introduction to aromatherapy and essential oils. This workshop will cover history, quality, safety, and profiles of the “Lucky 13”, the most useful essential oils. You’ll make a custom blend in a carrier of jojoba oil. The Yoga of Aroma is intended for people new to essential oils and aromatherapy.

I came to this wonderful practice five years ago. In between teaching my yoga classes, I stumbled into Enfleurage NYC, a store specializing in essential oils and incense from all around the planet. That afternoon they were diffusing tuberose, and my nose got the best of me. From that day forward, I started to wear the oils as I taught. My students asked me what I was wearing and why. I just liked they way that they smelled and how it made me feel. I wanted and needed to find out more about the oils, so I started studying aromatherapy at Enfleurage. From there, my venture of Mighty Real Skin was born. It’s yoga in a bottle.

Sign up! Bring a friend! Let’s blend together! It’s going to be fun!

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