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October 22, 2012 / martinezyoga

Wake Up! Smell the…

…new blends!

I study aromatherapy at Enfleurage here in NYC where the classes are taught by the fantastic Christina Dille. Last night’s class was on therapeutic blending. We made two blends addressing any needs and goals, be that physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. With my first blend I wanted to address energy! A pep in the morning to help me get up and go! I was thinking rosemary, but I didn’t want to smell like focaccia bread. Next I was thinking the spice oils, not the Spice Girls, that is to say cinnamon, clove, anise. I was also thinking ginger. But golly gee, those oils are hot and way stimulant, and could be a skin irritant. If they are blending correctly and in a safe dilution, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t use them, but I opted for another route. Say hello black pepper! I went with white rose, sandalwood, geranium, and for the pièce de résistance, black pepper for that get up and go. This blend on paper might look like it’s on the chill side of the get and go, but with the way I portioned the essential oils it’s not the case. White rose is relaxing, anti-depressant, and can help with hormonal issues of any sort. Sandalwood is warm, meditative, and is an anti-depressant. Geranium can help regulate the nervous system and help dispel anxiety. Stress and tension all quail before the geranium. And here we go, pièce de résistance, black pepper! Stimulant it is, as well as an analgesic, among other fabulous benefits.

I wish you could smell it! It’s awesome, and takes you away on your beautiful balloon! Wanna go higher?!


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  1. Hilary / Oct 22 2012 9:56 AM

    Can’t wait to sample your new blends. I love this post. I LOVE the tags for this post–aromatherapy, ike and tina. xo

    • martinezyoga / Oct 22 2012 2:39 PM

      Hilary san,

      We need to get together ASAP! We’ll take a whiffy whiff of what I’m working on. Ike and Tina tag, huh? Interesting, but you can’t get anymore therapeutic than Tina. She’s one of the living!

  2. jenniburkeyoga / Oct 22 2012 11:12 AM

    Great post! I love aromatherapy, and am in desperate need of some peppermint oil these days, thanks for the reminder!

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