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October 9, 2012 / martinezyoga

Previously on Martinez Yoga…

“We belong. We belong together.” Thanks, Pat! She said it best in 1984. We do belong together!

The past couple of weeks have been amazing. I guess when the seasons turn it inspires people to shift and change and to try new things. I’ve had a number of newbies in my classes recently, and that’s awesome. I had the pleasure to be the first one to share with them this wonderful system and practice. Everyone single one of the newbies said that same thing, “Is this an advanced class? I’ve never done this before. Can I do it?” I told them the same thing, “You can do it. Yoga should adapt to the individual. Not the other way around.”

I don’t teach with the mentality of advanced/master/level III. I refrain from categorizing yoga. I’ve just seen too many people turned off to the practice when classes are described as advanced/master/level III. I don’t even know what that means. To me advanced yoga is inhaling your arms up and exhaling your arms down, as you focus and gather your body around your breath. My teaching mentality is that it doesn’t matter if today is your first class or if you been doing it for fifty years. We’re all beginners with a beginner’s mind/new mind. It’s with that mentality that you receive the practice and teaching, and it’s with that that everything is fresh and possible. I don’t teach with a goal. There’s nowhere to go. We are already there. It’s the process along the way. That’s yoga, and that’s what I teach.

I suggested that they explore many styles of yoga, and see what speaks to them, and have FUN! Just be wise and don’t hurt yourself!

They seemed to get it. I just was really happy and honored to start them on their way.

You can do it! Ah, huh! You can do it! Ah, huh!

Photo by Anna Rose

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