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September 17, 2012 / martinezyoga

Previously on Martinez Yoga…

Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back, lil’ yogis!

Summer. Finito. Fall. In the early stages. That means welcome back to school! Last week I started my classes for the lil’ yogis here in NYC. I teach school based yoga programs, pre-k to high school, and I love it! I had a nice break this summer, but I’m ready for my lil’ friends!

This is my fifth year teaching yoga in schools, and the beginning of the year is always exciting. As I walk down the halls, prepping my room, I hear, “Hi Salvador!” They’re full of energy, and so am I! They’ve grown over the summer. They’re taller. I have more gray hair and few more wrinkles. Don’t worry. I’m loving the skin I’m in, hyrdrating and moisturizing properly. It’s just so cool to see them grow over the years.

The first two weeks of class I focus on setting a safe, comfortable, and nurturing atmosphere. I set rules and guidelines of how one is to consider how to think and act towards others and towards yourself. I have them help me set the rules and guidelines, too. I ask them, “What makes our time together fun and comfortable? What rules and guidelines do you have for yoga?” I got, “Don’t scream. Don’t yell. Don’t push. Don’t push people down the stairs when we’re walking to the yoga room.” Hmmm…that’s a good one. I got where he was going with the pushing thing. Ahimsa! Non-violence. Love and compassion for all. Right on. He’s on the right track.

I honor five elements when teaching: connection, breath, focus, movement, and relaxation. And laughter! Kids say the funniest things! When laughter takes over, it spreads joy, and is amazing! Kids are people too!

So, here’s to another great year of yoga with my lil’ yogis!

Photo by Anna Rose

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