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May 5, 2012 / martinezyoga

Previously On Martinez Yoga…


This is the 411. I’ve been teaching a school based yoga program at an elementary school in the UES for the past year, and one of my boys, 4th grade, is starting to open up. At the beginning of the year he was hard to connect with. Not negative energy of any sort; it’s just I could tell his mother signed him up for after school yoga. I got the feeling he would rather be riding his skate board. I can understand that. His energy was sky high and through the roof. Hard for him to sit down and use an indoor voice. Not really a huge or out of the ordinary issue, but it’s a challenge when you have eighteen kids in class, and one of the them is influencing the others to follow. For the past month he’s turned the tables around. Now he’s the first to sit down on his mat crossed legged, quiet, and ready to go. I was pleasantly surprised. He’s a leader in the class, and he shows the other kids how to be a yogi. Fantastic! In whatever yoga activity we’re doing, he’s all over it, and into it. He wasn’t like this in at the beginning of the school year. Honestly, I did have moments where I would go home thinking, “What am I doing wrong?” I’m constantly training, educating, and developing myself as a yoga teacher, all in mind about how can I make the class better, and how can I be a better teacher, but this was kinda getting to me. It didn’t stop me though. I showed up every week, and did my thing. But all of a sudden he started to open up and fully engage in the class, and with me. It’s awesome!

I planted the seed. Watered it. Exposed it to sunlight. Gave it good vibes. It’s growing! Transformation! We have growth!

He’s on his way! Fly, mi amigo! Fly!

Photos by Anna Rose


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  1. marimann / May 6 2012 9:04 AM

    How wonderful! You must be flying too….

    • martinezyoga / May 9 2012 7:48 AM

      Oh, yeah. I’m flying too! It’s taught me patience and resilience.

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