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April 7, 2012 / martinezyoga

Previously On Martinez Yoga…

“The people have the power!” You can say that again Ms. Patti Smith!

The past couple of weeks my classes have been powerful, and I’m not referring to the body conditioning power yoga frame of mind. Yes, in the practice you will tone your body and make your body strong and flexible, but you will also soften your body where it needs it. There’s nothing wrong with body conditioning, but it’s not what I teach. While you’re toning, strengthening, softening, flexing, and extending what you’re thinking and feeling count too, y’all. Don’t skip that! If fact, in my opinion, thinking and feeling count more than what your body can or can’t do on any given day. Oh, did I mention breathing?! Big time! The breath is underrated! I digress. Yoga para los niños this past week affirmed this sense of power.

Recently I had a day with my pre-k kids where we invited parents to join us. That day was special and exciting for all involved. When I saw the kids filter in one by one into the practice space with their teachers, and then parents accumulating one by one I thought, “Wow. This is going to be a big class.” I did a head count a couple of days before, prepping for this special class, but to see all those smiling faces, be that four years old or forty years old, and when the count passed sixty, I went into the yoga teacher zone, majorly. Teach from the heart, and be open and flexible, no pun intended. The youngins’ formed an inner circle, and the living legends formed an outer circle. And then we were off! We started calm and centered, seated. When it came time to move our bodies, it was a powerful dance. Or as I say to the kids, a sun dance. The sun dance is our version of a sun salutation. All those bodies moving at the same time was an incredible sight to see! I threw in a warrior two while we were at it, as well as an affirmation. Call and response. An echo.  I say, “I am strong!” You say, “I am strong!” I say, “You are strong!” You say, “You are strong!” I say, “We are strong!” You say, “We are strong!” And that we were! And that we are!

To see the lil’ ones by their parent’s side in practice was awesome! People in unison are powerful! People do have the power!

Photos by Anna Rose

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