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March 5, 2012 / martinezyoga

Previously On Martinez Yoga…

Shiny happy people holding hands! Words to live by. Thanks R.E.M. featuring Kate Pierce of the B-52’s! Now, you might be thinking, or maybe not, “Are you OK? Is there something wrong?”, especially for us New Yorkers. Awww…to be bitter and jaded. It’s a good thing. Not. It’s not my intention to label all New Yorkers as bitter and jaded, because they’re not, but this is a rough and tough city, mmm…kay.

I got a good little reminder this past week from the lil’ sages I teach to chill out and take some time to tip toe through the tulips.

My kids classes always seem to put me in check, and this past week was no different. The theme of our yoga class was happiness. What makes you happy? As we were sitting in our circle, I just point out asked, “What makes you happy?” Picture this. Eighteen pre-k kids. Four to five years old. I got this as what makes me happy: mom, dad, yoga, swimming, riding the bus, elevators, to name a few. My mom makes me happy. When my dad was alive, he made me happy. Yoga makes me happy! Swimming makes me happy. Riding the bus. Not so much. Elevators. Not so much. Especially when our apartment building elevator is down, and we have seven flights of stairs to climb after a long day. Happy thoughts! Happy thoughts! Shiny happy people holding hands!

It was really cool, and quite helpful to hear a wide variety of answers from the lil’ ones. Teaching them has really deepened my offering. The kids have a mindset that you could call a beginner’s mind/new mind. The innocence of this first inquiry is beginner’s mind/new mind. It is an open mind and attitude that includes doubt and possibility to see things always fresh and new. In my opinion, this mind is very Zen, and I like that. Zen mind, beginner’s mind. They’re open to the newness of living and experience that they’re like sponges soaking up the experience that will hopefully have a positive effect as they mature and grow. We could all use that.

Last week was a happy week, as mis niños reminded me, but I ask you, what makes you happy?

Photos by Anna Rose

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