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January 14, 2012 / martinezyoga

Previously On Martinez Yoga…

“This is fun!” Kids say the darndest things! Kids are people too! That’s right, lil’ one! You can say that again! This is fun! This exclamation was an excellent reminder for me this past week that the practice should be fun and enjoyable. I heard these words of wisdom from a six year old girl in one of my school based Yoga programs I teach in NYC. As I was with my Wednesday after school group of lil’ yogis, ages four to six, we were playing Yoga Story Tag, and during the exercise one of the kids turned to me and smiled, and said, “This is fun!” Made my day!

In Yoga Story Tag I give the kids one, two, or three Yoga cards with specific poses. The kids practice the poses for a period of time, and then we go around the circle one by one, and make up a story with the cards they were given. As they take turns making up the story, all the kids do the poses. The next yogi adds on to the story with their Yoga cards, and then the next person adds on, and so on, and so on. Yoga Story Tag. The stories that they come up with are a hoot and a half. “There was a cat sitting in a chair and watching Dora the Explorer…”, par exemple.

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of our lives, especially here in NYC. Living in the city so nice they named it twice can be stressful. Trust. I know. Breath in. Breath out. Family. Friends. Careers. Rent. Mortgage. Healthcare. Need I say more? But are we truly living, and where’s the fun?! Where’s the party?! Easier said than done.

NYC kids can experience stress too, but in my humble opinion and observation, they’re true to their original nature, and they’re not jaded. When something is not so good, they say it’s not so good. When something is fun, they say it’s fun. And they mean it.

I believe Yoga is a program for developing and locating complete realization, self-awareness, and freedom from suffering in the body and in the mind. That sounds pretty heavy, but it doesn’t have to be so heavy and so serious all the time. This is fun! Everybody dance! This is Big Fun!

Photos by Anna Rose

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